No Point Perspective

No Point Perspective Dance Theater

  is a non-profit arts organization based in Cairo - Egypt works with artists who are exploring new expressions in contemporary dance and performance, and nurtures their creative processes. Since 2001, we have created opportunities for artists to develop and present a new language in dance and performance in Egypt.

    The company provides artists with creative integrity, advances the critical role of contemporary dance and performance in local culture, and promotes public involvement in the art form.

   No Point Perspective presents the choreography of Artistic Director Mirette Mechail along with her dancers, primarily in the form of public performances in Egypt.

   The company's work -vibrant, simple, sarcastic contemporary dance pieces for proscenium and non-traditional spaces has flourished the company into one of the most popular dance companies in the country. There is a main structure to Mirette's work that is non-narrative yet emotionally and kinetically powerful. In her work, the dance, the music, and the verbal text are an indivisible unit. In the past nine years, the company has premiered over seven new performances, including a number of pieces created in collaboration with artists from other disciplines including composers, filmmakers and musicians.



Mirette Mechail

Mirette Mechail

Mirette Mechail

 State encouragement award winner 2018, She founded the company in 2001 formally known as "Bleu" and since then has created several award-winning performances, generating each piece over months of collaboration with young artists, a long-standing, ever-evolving group of actors, dancers, musicians, and technicians.

How we work

The members of No Point Perspective are handpicked by Mirette Mechail and her assistants. Members range from children to elderly people, actors, musicians, dancers or simply people who approach the stage for the very first time. They work together in an interactive context that mainly consists of improvisations on personal and social issues -relationships with all its complexes and the incompatible facets of peoples’ lives and the tension between what one wants to occur and what is actually there -has been present in several productions in a vivid, light hearted and a humorous language.